"Supply chains compete, not companies"

"Supply chains compete, not companies"

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Martin Christopher

Paperback: 328 pages
Publisher: Financial Times/ Prentice Hall; 5th edition (26th Feb 2016)
ISBN-10: 0273731122
ISBN-13: 978-0273731122

This updated 5th edition of the bestselling Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a clear-headed
guide to all the key topics in an integrated approach to supply chains, including:

  • The link between logistics and customer value.
  • Logistics and the bottom line measuring costs and performance.
  • Creating a responsive supply chain.
  • Managing the global pipeline.
  • Managing supply chain relationships.
  • Managing risk in the supply chain.
  • Matching supply and demand.
  • Creating a sustainable supply chain.
  • Product design in the supply chain.

Effective development and management of your supply chain network will cut your costs and enhance your customer value. This is a sustainable source of advantage in today’s turbulent global marketplace, where demand is difficult to predict and supply chains need to be more flexible as a result.

In fact, the real competition today is not between companies, but between supply chains. The winning approach to supply chains is an integrated perspective that takes account of networks of relationships, sustainability and product design, as well as the logistics of procurement, distribution, and fulfilment.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management examines the tools, core processes and initiatives that ensure businesses gain and maintain their competitive advantage.  The fourth edition has been completely updated and now contains four new chapters covering:

  • Managing supply chain relationships
  • Product design in the supply chain
  • Matching supply and demand
  • Creating a sustainable supply chain

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